NJ Audio Society?

I have written to the email addresses published each issue in Stereophile magazine, yet receive no response. Can someone tell me what's up with this organization?

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I was a member but let my membership lapse since I'm always on the go with a young family and multiple businesses.
Good group of men who enjoy and share music and insights.
I look forward to participating when my schedule allows.
Warmest regards, Thomas Foti.
Is anybody in SJ still getting together? A bunch of us from AudioKarma had a get together in Cherry Hill this past spring and it was a great success. There were several systems setup, a flea market area and a chance to meet folks and make lasting friendships.
We are trying to plan another one for the fall. Probably in October. If there is interest I will post back.
About 1/4 to 1/3 of the NJAS meetings are in South Jersey.  In October, the meeting is in Delaware.  Please see www.njaudiosociety.com for details.
Like many other audio clubs, we have been unable to hold in-person meetings due to the shutdown restrictions in NJ.  Our meetings have been on Zoom with a variety of interesting speakers (the people-kind, not the transducer-kind).  Please visit www.NJAudioSociety.org for more details.