Nixon NOS DAC vs. Nixon Tube DAC or others.

I am looking for a way to soften the harsh sound of the highs in my rig. I have considered a Nixon DAC, but did not know if the tube DAC or NOS version was the way to go.

I have also considered the Dac Ah and the ART dIO dacs. Has anyone heard these or have an opinion. I am a value hunter so i want to find what will offer the best possible performance for my pennies.

My Rig consists of an Odyssey Khartago that has full upgrades. A Odyssey Etesian passive preamp from a Denon DCD 3250 CDP. I have Impact accoustics wires and a couple of no name ICs and Chapman T-7 speakers.
You can always do a search on Agon or Audioasylum. The search should answer most of your questions. The NOS Dacs are similar but different. Just like any other component.

The difference between a NOS DAC and your Denon will be obvious from the first listen. I find the stock Denons I've spent time with have a grain in the upper midrange and highs. You will not hear it with a good NOS Dac. There is also no hardness in the treble either that I've experienced with some other digital sources.

It will be clear and delicate with much better focus than the denon. Instead of a mass of instruments. You'll hear each with it's own tonality and pitch.

A NOS DAC isn't for smoothing over the sound. More to give you a clearer picture without the digital hash associated with some digital front ends.

You have a boat load to choose from.

Good luck!