Nitty Gritty or VPI, Which record cleaner ? ? ? ?

Hi, I'm getting back into vinyl and would like to buy a semiautomatic or automatic record clesner. I'm thinking about the Nitty Gritty 1.5 fi or the VPI 16.5.
Any help in this matter will be deeply appreciated.
I've owned both the NG "MiniPro" and the VPI HW-17F and decided to stick with the VPI. The NG just isn't near as good as the 17F, in my opinion. Money well spent...
I've never had the nitty gritty but I've used it on many occasions. I just sold my VPI 16.5 which I've had for years. Given the choice between the two I prefer the VPI. The reason I sold mine was to purchase the sota record cleaner. It is very similar to the VPI and has features to suggest it would fit between the 16.5 and the 17. It is quieter than the 16.5 if that is an issue which to some people it obviously will be. I've taken my 16.5 apart to a degree and found it to be a very simple machine. From what I've seen the Sota is better made with better parts. If you are convinced that only the two choices you listed are options than I say again go with the VPI. If you want to step up a bit without spending $1000 on the VPI HW-17 contact Sota for a local dealer. You won't be disappointed.
I own a Nitty Gritty and recommend you go with the VPI.
I also own a Nitty Gritty and agree with Drubin. If you spend more more now you will not regret it.
While i don't know this for certain, i'm pretty sure that VPI build the Sota machines for them. I do know that they look a LOT alike. Sean
I have a Nitty Gritty and wish I had a VPI
I must be the only Nitty Gritty owner here who's happy with mine. Bought it in l983 or thereabouts, have cleaned thousands of records with it, and it soldiers on. I like the fact that there's no platter to put stuff BACK on the record. When mine finally dies, I'm going to get a Record Doctor (made by Nitty Gritty) or a new NG. FWIW, Dave
In response to "sean," Sota makes their record cleaner. I talked to Donna about it a couple of weeks ago. You are right, they look similar but don't be fooled the Sota is a step up.
I too recently got back into viynl and purchased a VPI 16.5 immediatly. I would not stay with lp's without it! It takes two or three minutes to clean and rinse the dirtiest of discs. One of the best purchases I have ever made.