Nitty Gritty I Don't Know How To Use Itty

I've got Nitty Gritty delivered today.
No surprises - it came with no User Manual (purchased as "Demo" from a dealer).
I purchased Model 1.0 Manual Operation Nitty Gritty. I also have now two bottles of cleaning fluids: one bottle of FirstRv and one bottle of Pure 2 (1/2 gallon). And I have two Nitty Gritty Velvet pile mat record brushes for bi-directional scrubbing:

I would appreciate if you could share with me some basic steps on how to use what I have in most effective way to clean the records.
Thanks in advance!
Why don't you just call Nitty Gritty and ask them to send you a manual for your machine and any supplies you might need? Their phone number in Montclair, CA is:

(909) 621-9666

I used to "scrub" mine on an old SoundGaurd record mat that I have had for years. Then place the record upside down on the NG machine and vacuum it off. Only after about 3 months of that I sold it and bought a VPI 16.5. And now my life is less complicated and I look forward to each and everyday!
Sputniks, I've beeen using the N.G.1 for sseveral months and find it's quite simple to use. I'm sure others might have more anal retentive cleaning procedures, but this works for me. If the record is covered in fuzz, hair, or dust when it comes from the used record store, I clean it first with a carbon fiber record brush. I don't buy records so dirty they need the preclean some people give their vinyl. It helps to dispense the cleaning fluid on the velvet "lips" of the machine if you can get a little lab type dispenser bottle that has a long snout. You wet each side of the velvet suction pads on the machine, put the record down, then plop the record clamp/puck on top. Turn the record relatively slowly for 15-60 seconds, then turn on the vacuum and continue turning slowly for 3-5 revolutions. Don't run the vacuum unless a record is on the machine, you can damage it otherwise. Repeat on the other side. Only rarely have I had to use a stonger cleaner than the Nitty Gritty. You might have to do a record more than once if it's really dirty. Don't clean too many records in a row (more than 8-10,) it can overheat the motor. Every once in while I clean the velvet lips with a little dishwasher detergent in water on a toothbrush & rinse. A search of the archives here with no doubt reveal endless debate on various minutae each of obsess over to different degrees when cleaning.
Photon46 is right on the mark. I've been using this same machine since the early 80s (picked up a second one 2 years ago when I figured it was past time for the first one to die). Simple, effective, reliable -- I never felt the urge for a "better" record cleaner. Have fun with yours.

My only suggestion would be to order some AIVS (Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution - do a search here on Audiogon) products. Best cleaners I've ever used.

I use a different technique than Photon46 described.

First, I bought a Disk Doctor Brush, as it was bigger (and better, IMHO), than the brush that comes with the Nitty Gritty.

I also use Record Research Labs (RRL) record wash as my regular cleaning fluid. (The Nitty Gritty Pure 2 was pretty good, but I prefer the RRL myself.)

I put a pretty decent amount of fluid on the brush and then brush the record in circular mostions around the record. (The record is lying on the plastic inner sleeve, btw.) I go 2 or 3 times around the record, in both directions.

Then I put the record on the machine and vacuum it dry.

(If you have the small wire brush that comes with the N.G., (I got mine with the replacement pad kit), you should use that to clean the cleaning brush and the pad on the RCM every so often.

That is my technique, make use of the information as you see fit. I get the feeling that everyone seems to have their own method, some better than others, but who really knows which is the ultimate method. (Well, I suppose that the ultimate method is what some people do, which is wash the record on one machine, and vacuum it dry on another. A bit too much for me, but probably a slightly better method to thoroughly clean the record.)

Good luck!

PS I agree that for the money, the NG 1.0 is a fine RCM, and will do a satisfactory job of helping clean your records.
Lot's of good advice here. I've been using the same machine for years now and if you develop a good, working technique you'll be happy. I prefer the Last brushes which if bought in bulk are reasonably cheap. I also agree the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions (AIVS), is the best I've used, bar none. This product recently won an award from Stereo Times as "The Best New Component". A fluid as a component for the first time is a pretty incredible recommnedation. Good luck. The archives are full of great advice on this, especially 4yanx regimine for cleaning records.