Nirvana transmissin vs Stealth Varidig

I am in the process of upgrading my digital cable. Right now I have a Nordost whitelight glass and a Acoustic Zen Mc2....both sound similiar to me. A friend let me borrow a Nirvana Transmission cable...right of the bat alot more detail,transparency,and tonal richness...not bad at all. I went ahead and purchased a Stealth varidig cable...and I'm wondering as I have not heard the Stealth does the Nirvana and Stealth compare. I really like the Nirvana but as you can see this is a upgrade in digital for me.
Any thoughts on the Stealth Varidig....plusses and minuses...and compared to whatever.
I own the Stealth Varidig digital cable. I have only compared it to an Aural Symphonics digital cable and it was much much better. Very musical with loads of resolution.