Nirvana SX-Ltd vs Jena Labs Symphony

Anyone compared Nirvana SX-ltd speaercable with Jena Labs Symphony (or other type)?

I liked the Nirvana sx. But the Tg Audio beat it here. More cohesive, vivacious regardless if it was a Blue Note record or a large Symphonie. More hall info, better bass soundstaging - better PRaT too. On a Basis, Blue Circle, Merlin setup. The other thing is the Nirvana is real poor ROI. I haven't heard the Jena in my setup, I would love to hear you impressions if you decide to demo a pair!
Monk, what is "ROI"?
"Return On Investment" would be my guess.
Thanks very much, I never would have gotten that!
I decided to sell my SX sc and to go for Jena Labs, altough I can't listen to them prior to buying. I just rely on the other Kharma users here on the Gon Society... The SX is a fabulous cable, but a bit too 'hard' in my system. Seems the Jena's are smoother and more in synergy with Kharma.
Ach, another Symphonic Line user! Very nice to see that & also read that you like its sound.
2 un-related questions - is your garage port always THAT clean? &, is your car, also, always THAT clean?
whoever does your cleaning, send them my way too! :-)