Nirvana "Nevermind" MFSL soundquality vs Normal

Just received the MFSL Nevermind disk, and I've been comparing it vs the Normal geffin CD version I have and there really is no difference. BUT my Meitner Bitstream DAC is being looked at by John Wright now and I'm not using my Museatex Modded DAC/Transport Combo, instead a 6yr Toshiba DVD player to a SimAudio intergrated. My Question, can I look forward to hearing a substantial improvement from the MFSL version vs's the normal version. The suspense is killing me.
there is very little difference. in fact, the mfsl disc i would say is different but not an improvement
I couldn't tell an appreciable difference between the two. There again, how good can grunge rock sound? Great music, not great recordings. THe MTV Unpluged discs were well recorded. I really like the Alice In Chains unpluged disc.
I own it and In Utero and I would agree with the statements above on Nevermind. In Utero has a bigger margain of improvement...

A shame really, I was really hoping for some sonic improvements.