Nirvana Power Cords Digital Cables ??

Does anyone have any experience with the Nirvana Audio power cords and/or digital cables? If so, what are your thoughts.
I have Both Power cords, Nirvana interconnects, connect 1 interconnects and the Digital interconnect. I tested the Nirvana interconnects against a pair of $400 Straightwire interconnects. The Nirvana is right there in sound reproduction, and was prefered by an aunt over the Straightwires. Their build quality is top notch, and I have had no bad transactions with Matt. I've recommended his cables to numerous friends and family, and all are completely satisfied with his products.

In my personal opinion, you can not find a better interconnect with this kind of price to performance ratio. Matt will make custom lengths if needed.

I compaired the connect 1 interconnect with Kimber Heros. The Kimbers were out-classed all the way for a fraction of the price.

The power cords are solid build and they make a difference, I have the power 1 on both my DAC and CD Transport, I also have the Hi-end on my Odyssey Stratos amp.

The digital interconnect outperformed any optical cable, I tested it against. I compaired it to the Zu Cable Firemine Coax, (which is a great coax) and it is really hard to tell them apart.

If you want further info, please email me or post.

I am sorry, I gave you information on Cableplex cables that are avaiable on ebay. They have a model called the Nirvana. I am not familiar with Nirvana audio, sorry for any confusion.
Ton1313, not a problem...many audio companies seem to have names that crossover company lines.
I have used the Nirvana SL interconnects...superb, but have heard/read little about the power and digital products.
Whatjd, I am trying to achieve sonic Nirvana, what is your system comprised of and comld you discribe the sound? Thanks BIGBLUEBARNACLE
Bigblue...The closest I have come to sonic Nirvana was when I was using a Classe CDP-1 and a Levinson 39, feed into a Conrad Johnson ART pre-amp, into a Classe CA-400 amp, into a pair of Magnepan MG-20..all wires were Nordost Quattrofil and SPM speaker wires....(also a Magnum MD-108 tuner)
After a bit of a financial downturn I have downsized to a smaller but good system..but have grown to like Nirvana cables a bit more than the Nordost.