Nirvana on Simply Vinyl

Greetings all. I'm looking for In Utero and Nevermind on vinyl, and have only been able to find it at Music Direct on the Simply Vinyl label. As I don't have the most confidence in them (Simply Vinyl, NOT Music Direct), I'm looking for feedback from anyone who owns these releases to see how they sound. Also, where would one look to find these titles on MFSL vinyl? One last thing, are the MFSL Gold CD's of these titles worth the $40 and $50 asking price? Thanks for your help!
I have the MFSL gild discs and I think they both sound incredible, muc much better than the originals. Whether or not it's worth the money is up to you to decide.
My experience with Simply Vinyl has been much like yours. I have a rare few that are good, with most being disappointing.

I just did a quick search at EBAY, and there is a brand new USA Geffen SEALED at $29.00. It may close at more than that, but before I bought a Simply Vinyl, I would bid hard for the Geffen. My comments are made based on my complete collection of Nirvana original pressings and having disposed of one Nirvana on Simple Vinyl that was a total disappointment.

The Fleetwood Mac pressings I purchased on Simple Vinyl were so inferior to my original, I literally gave them away. I thought they would replace my antique pressings. However, in spite of being 20 plus years old, they destroyed the new "audiophile" Simple Vinyl pressings.

I have a sealed MFSL copy of Nevermind, which if you are interested email me direct. I have an open copy which A/B with the CD and Geffen release is vastly superior.

I have 3 different pressings of Nirvana Nermind. One german pressing, one MFSL LP and two US 12" promo singles of two different songs. The US Promo Singles sonically are the best, they have more authority, resolution and presence. The MFSL is 2nd best. It is a excellent of copy and is on thick 200 gram vinyl. The german copy is still good also and if not for the MFSL would be it would be my general copy for playing. But if you want the most ausome sound find the 12" 33 1/3 label promo singles of come as you are and Smells like teen spirt. John
Inspired by this post, I went out to a local vinvyl dealer, and found (sigh, why do we always have to *find* vinyl, why cant we be normal and just go out and buy it?) a clear vinyl geffen issue of in utero. I am guessing this is just a straightforward Geffen vinyl pressing of this, but in clear vinyl.

wow. I hadn't listend to In Utero in probably 4 years. Jeeez. I'm kind of speechless right now. Just tonight, I remebered what Kurt Cobain meant, what Nirvana meant, what Pearl Jam was fun but "lite" in regard to, and what we lost when Kurt took a bad turn in his mind.

just thought i'd post, after listening to in Utero, a truly great, indispensible, essential, and powerful document.

Thanks for the posts folks, I've been on a mission to learn about where to get quality vinyl as of late. As a general rule, it seems that online is the way to go if looking for something specific. There is a good local vinyl store here called Turntable Treasures (Tacoma, WA) which is fun to browse through...

Here's my deal, though. Finding a good pressing of either of these titles on ANY kind of vinyl is tough, made tougher when I hear about the differences between pressings! I see that they're available on vinyl from (thanks for the tip, Derrick) but how is a purchaser to know what pressing they are? At $20+ per throw, this could get expensive quick.

The only thing I know for sure is that I will NOT be buying them on Simply Vinyl. I am open to suggestions about where to go in search of these seminal recordings.

Thanks again Audiogon members!