Nirvana Interconnects and Speaker Cables

I just got done auditioning their new SX interconnect against others in price range This is one good cable. There in more "there there" , Will try their SX speaker cable this week. Anyone using these? What cables were evaluated before selecting these?
It's no fluke, Nirvana is not only a great sounding cable (expansive soundstage, good extension, full harmonics, natural midrange warmth), it is one of the most musical products period. I've compared it favorably to Cardas Golden Cross, Discovery cable, XLO, and Analysis Plus. And I've only used the S-L series speaker cable and interconnects. If the SX retains the qualities of the S-L cables and retrieves more low-level detail, well... go for it! Just out of curiosity, did you burnin the cable yourself?
Agreed about the Nirvana. I've found that all the nice, all-copper cables sound very musical and preferred to my ears. If you like Nirvana, you'll also like Cardas Golden Cross, Magnan Signature, BEL the Wire, Harmonic Tech cables, and yes, the Analysis Plus, but only the Oval 9, not (to my ears) the Silver Oval. All sound great in my system, the BEL, AP, and Harm Tech stuff are reasonably priced too. YMMV.
I've had great results with their S-L speaker cables, in my system the sound produced with the Nirvana product is head and shoulders above the Cardas Nuetral reference, Discovery & Tara cables that I had auditioned.
Rrgordon, the borrowed cables from the Cable Co. Not sure how they were burned in. On my new SX ic I plan on burning in using the Purist Audio II Burn-In CD. I have heard some used a "Cable Cooker". Don't have experience with one. BTW, the SX speaker cable was a Freudian slip, I meant SL. I did find out the next day Nirvana is planning to sell SX speaker cable toward the end of the year. If you ask Steve Creamer he says "No" but the receptionist at Nirvana said "Yes" when I first asked.