Nirvana cables...anyone with experience?

Does anyone have any thoughts to share on Nirvana interconnects and speaker wire? This company has good reviews...and there seem to be none for sale on the used market...
I've got three pairs. They are hard to come by so i use them inconjunction with Cardas N Ref.
I evaluated Harmonic, Audioquest Anaconda, and Nirvana S-X ic in my system. Nirvana S-X rules. I am comparing the S-X to a similar priced Siltech 4FTM this week.
I compare the Nirvana S-X with Cardas Golden Reference and NBS Monitor I interconnect cables. I choose the NBS Monitor I over the Nirvana S-X and Golden Reference. With the NBS Monitor I, my system produce music that is so 3D with a spooky realism. S-X is close but the image is not as sharp and the background is not as quiet or black as the NBS Monitor I. The Cardas Golden Reference is a distant 3rd. By comparison, the Golden Reference is not as detailed and the image is fuzzy. Without comparison, I would propably like either the Golden Reference or the S-X. But after hearing what the NBS Monitor I can do for my system,I would not buy anything else. Give the NBS a try, you will understand what I am talking about. By the way my system consists of: Muse model 8 and 296, CAT Ultimate preamp, Krell FPB 300, PS Audio PP300, Synergistic Designer's Reference power cords.
Just an addendum to my post above I forgot to mention that the speakers that I use during my comparison audition are the B&W Nautilus 802.
The recent review in Stereophile describes the difference between the newer S-X and the lower priced S-L. I own both S-L interconnect and speaker cable and find it is among the most musical sounding cable I have heard. While the S-L may not be a 3-D sounding as XLO's best or some others, it produces a huge soundstage with greatly nuanced sound. Very appealing, warm sounding cable. Read the rave 'Phile review--it was right on.