Nirvana at last?

Yeah, I've said that before, but always with a grain of salt. Having been introduced to tubes last year and now going with SET seperates, I entered a whole new world of sound, but was still on the cusp of full contentment. Turns out that the Shuguang 845s in my amp were the originals and it was suggested to me to move to the 845Bs (also the 845Ms were suggested, but not before living and gaining some sound referent with the solid 845B) which were a significantly improved 845. After replacing the tubes, I couldn't believe the improvement in my system top to bottom in and out around and back. Then, I figured if this change in tubes could improve my rig that much, maybe I should start rethinking my amp 12AX7s and my pre amp 6DJ8s. Turns out my Amperex 12AX7s were counterfeit, and my pre amp tubes were some Hungarian c+ tube, at best. It must be the synergy of my rig (because I realize others have had very different results) but now with NOS Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7s for the amp and Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s for the pre, I am experiencing the true sweetness of a tube rig. Not overly lush, but sweet as sweet means to me. And the highs just fit into that extended, but not over the top, airy, area of listening forever feeling. I realize, that other tubes will get me other sounds, but what I'm listening to now, even if I were sold on the greatness of other tubes, wouldn't get me to purchase them now. Maybe on down the longer road, but not now. That is a new one for me. I'm enjoying listening to my tunes more than ever. Finally ( enjoying just the music and not rethinking over and over how can I improve my rig. Anybody relate? Maybe a few huh?
warren :)
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Anybody relate?

Absolutely I can relate! Great that you are having so much bliss! That is what it is all about....the Music! Since you like Jazz, here is a suggestion for you to try; Robbie Williams "Swing while your Winning" CD is a lot of fun and extremely well recorded, strictly using the old "Rat Pack" arrangements with The Basie Band backing Robbie.
That is one of the great advantages of owning tube equipment - you get to roll the main power amplifier! Afterall, pretty much the only things in a tube amp are tubes and transformers so if you can improve the tubes, why, that is most of the goal being improved. As a result good tubes makes one heck of a difference in every case, at least in my experience, and yours too.

Congrats Warren! Glad to hear that you're enjoying your system so much. Now get off Agon and go out and buy some music before you do something you regret. Then again there's always tube dampers, cables, etc. Have fun and happy listening!
I can relate to what you are talking about Warrenh. I couldn't stand the harshness I was hearing from my new W/P7's. It wasn't until I began the long tedious task of exchanging different versions ot replacement tubes in my amp and my preamp. Once I found the right synergy, everything smoothed out for me and now I am enjoying my system more now than in the last 16 years. The right tubes make the difference.
Warren, I never got around to tuberolling my SET40 when I owned it, I am regretting selling her even more now. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy another one right now, but hope to one day.

As for the effects of tube rolling I completely agree. I have done this extensively with my 6SN7 based Blue Circle BC21 and love the way it responded to various WWII era VT231s.