NIN Pretty Hate Machine remaster

Anybody pick it up? Quality of the original recording was decent...improvements?
Just got it for $7.99 at Amazon. Pretty impressed by the mastering quality--very good job. It was apparently supervised by Reznor himself. I'd recommend it. Hope this helps.
its on its way to me...will post once i put it to work. very excited about this release!
Amazon delivered my remastered vinyl of PHM today. Overall a stellar effort, although the digital haze on the CD version of Head Like a Hole gave it a certain quality the remaster just doesn't have. The "quiet" songs, though, like Sanctified, Something I Can Never Have, and That's What I Get, are simply stunning. The bass is prodigious compared to the CD, and the separation of the instruments in the mix is much more distinct.

Well worth the money.

Remaster seems to be made much louder than 1989 release losing some dynamics. Good for ear buds and cars, bad for critical listening. I almost didn't get the new release but for $7 I had to order and will hear for myself and compare it to my 1989 disc. Here's a link to Audacity wave forms that demonstrate the big difference:
I just gave it a listen & I think it sounds great. I
hate compressed CDs but I really can't find much fault
on this remaster. Granted your system is much better than
mine but I gave it a critical listen & loved it. I have
the SA-CD of "The Downward Spiral" for reference. Never
heard PHM ever before so I'm not familar with it at all,
I just saw the thread here & bought it at Amazon, thanks
for the heads up Lush.

I'll give it another listen.

BTW Larry_s, really nice system!
Bass is fuller and there seems to be more separation between the parts. Perhaps a bit more dynamic too with less compression. "Something I Can Never Have" now gives me ten times the shivers of the original.
Thanks, Vinylvin. I listened to my 1989 CD last night for the first time in a while. New disc will be here Tuesday.

Stevecham - You didn't follow my link. The 1989 disc has twice the dynamic range of the new disc.