I have this CD and love it , does anyone know if it ever made Vinyl and if so where can I get it.

the song is "Keith Dont Go"
and on any of his other Lp it just doesn't have the Kick that the CD has
I do Have 2 Lp with " Keith Dont Go" and nothing touches the synergy that Acoustic Live has on CD
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I too wish it were available on vinyl, but to the best of my knowledge, it is only available on CD. (And I agree that it is one of the best sounding CDs that I have heard!)
A bit off topic, but it seems like you own the CD.

Any difference between the original CD release and the reissue?

As far as I'm aware, Nils Lofgren has not had an album on vinyl since 1992 ("Just a Little"). "Acoustic Live" is definitely one of his best, both musically and sound-wise.
I'm reviving a 5 year old thread.

I just got this cd a couple days ago and was floored by how good it is. The sonics are superb and the music is the best I've heard in a long time. My favorite song is "Little on up" which tells the story of raising his daughter after his wife died during the birth. Powerful lyrics and heart opening.

This is my first Nils cd. I heard about him from the Salk Demo cd, which includes "Keith Don't Go" on it. The sheer musicianship of his guitar playing is incredible. Highly recommended.
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Maybe Chad from Acoustic Sounds should make this one. The CD is in many of our collections and Im sure that many of us would jump on a Album version in a heartbeat.

Good Listening

Looks like Analogue Productions has recently released this (2016/2017?) on a  200Gram vinyl, double LP. I just ordered it having never heard it. I'll try to remember to reply back to this thread once I get a chance to listen to it.

I have it and it sounds great. A lot of fast transients, good dynamic but missing some threedimensionality. The guitar maybe sounds a little bit unnatural/processed. I have only heard it once.

If somebody wish, i can make a short recording.
A friend  just bought me the vinyl.
quality record pressings, from acoustic sounds.
really great.
@marktomaras @ninetynine - Cool. Mine should arrive in the next couple of days. Can't wait to hear it.
The analogue productions SACD of Acoustic Live is a "you are there" listening experience!  Reference music with impeccable sound quality.

The Acoustic Sounds / Analogue Productions LP arrived a couple of days ago. It sounds great. I don't know any of these songs, so it's going to take me a few listens to determine my overall opinion of the record. But one thing is for sure, it will please many audiophiles.
Just bought this LP, looking forward to hearing it.
Couple of points to note... One is the fact that the vinyl is sourced from a digital source, and a 44.1 if I'm not mistaken. Second, and this is from my perspective as an axe player, Nils is using Taks, which are very bright and forward sounding, IME. On a great system, like the one I heard this demo'ed on today at Alma audio...the guitar choice was obvious for that particular sound, although I'm not sure it won't bug me after a I'm much more comfortable with the much warmer and defined Taylor sound. Anyhow, we shall see...I'm looking forward to listening to this on my system.
@daveyf   I do love the way Nils uses his guitar to get that very immediate, almost exaggerated degree of plucked string detail, but I would not want to listen to that on most other guitar music.  For me it does work on Nils album but usually I enjoy the plucked transient accompanied by the rich resonance of the guitar body...(the Taylor sound) you referred to.

Too bad if they used a 44.1 source.  The CD sound is great but the SACD takes it to another level of detail and ambience.

Hope you enjoy the vinyl.

I listened to this album tonight. First off I have to say that I think Nils musicianship is question. I also think this album is a KILLER recording....but with a couple of flaws/warts. Firstly, and as is usually the case, the piano is recorded terribly! Plus, I think the synth just sounds nasty...and is recorded poorly. Piano is such a bear to get right and with this digital recording, the hard digital and non-life like sound just overwhelms the particular songs that it is featured in. However, the digital recording of Nils guitar is extraordinary! The guitar is right there in the room with you, almost as realistic sounding as a Takamine can get on any reproduction...and a nice change to how so many recordings are made of the guitar. I just wish that Chad's reissue of Cat Stevens TFTTM had some resemblance to this recording. (What a let down that record was!)
Anyhow, with the slight misstep on the piano recording, a record that I believe belongs on every a'philes list of must have recordings.
I'm sure the SACD of this is also excellent...and more pocket book friendly. Nonetheless, overall a great LP!