Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live Cd - which Version / Label ?

I recently heard this great recording, and decided I need to buy it. I ran across two versions on different labels

1- on Vision Records, issued 2006
2- on Cattle Track records, issued 2013
3- another earlier issue? As this was from a concert in 1998

Before I purchase- can someone tell me which to buy, or if all are the same.  And, yeah I know vinyl is out there, but I am a CD guy.
My pick would be Analog Productions Hybrid SACD, remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. This is a dual layer SACD so it can be played on regular CD player. It sounds so much smother and dynamic than the Vision Music CD issued in 2006.
Lalitk-  do you mean the SACD is better sounding, or the CD layer on the hybrid disk?

Nils Acoustic Live recorded originally at 16bit/44.1kHz resolution. So the SACD layer offers no discernible upgrade over CD layers, atleast not to my ears. This version of the recording is superior due to remastering done by Ryan Smith.

Hope this helps!