Nikko NT-890 Tuner

I just purchased a Nikko NT-890 Tuner at a Swap Meet for $15. I brought it home and did some restoring. I went and clean the the contacts, components, and switches. When I hooked it up, I could not believe the sound coming from this tuner. The reception is incredible strong and clean, I can pickup stations within 60 miles radius easily. Now this is only with a passive antenna. Does anyone know where this tuner falls with other brands? Thank you and happy listening
Nothing special. I've looked into that tuner, and wasn't terribly enthused. Nikko had already given up on producing decent tuners by the time this unit came out.
I have a model 1219 tuner and its reception with an amplified antenna is very good. I listen to many south central texas FM stations. Every once in a while the left channel makes static and goes out. I then must switch off the speakers and crank the volume. It comes back on again. The T-Lock feature is probably the coolest thing about it. I paid about $50 for it at a pawn shop back in 1989.