Nikko Audio - Beta II & Gamma I silver

Does anyone know anything about the Nikko Audio line of gear or can send a link for Nikko info?. I have an opportunity to buy a set that includes a Nikko Beta II Preamp and a tuner called the Gamma I (both in silver). I can't find much info about Nikko gear and have not seen even one review! I have had mixed reports from my friends. Some say the Nikko stuff was crap while a few swear by it. I'm told that Nikko was more well regarded in Europe and overseas that it was here in the U.S. I am also told that the silver components (which I believe were built earlier) are much better than the black Nikko gear. The Beta I preamp I auditioned seemed well built and sounded good pushing a Hafler DH120 amp into some vintage Altecs. I am looking for the "best for the bucks" and I am on a very limited budget ($500), so that is why I am looking at used gear hoping to luck into something phenomenal (fingers crossed). I want the smoothest, quietest preamp and the warmest, most tube-like musical sounding amp I can afford. This will be for the top of a bi-amp on a pair of Infinity 2.5 (EMITs & EMIMs)so I don't need much power. I already have a Carver 1.0 for the low end. If I don't get this Nikko gear my other considerations are NAD or Hafler. Any input from the big brains and experienced ears will be appreciated.
Thanks for reading this!
They were popular in late 70's then disappeared...
One friend had a system using the pre and power amps.
Nothing to get too excited about.
NAD probably better.
i use the nikko nt-550 tuner in my den with a jolida and totem pieces. the nikko works very well and sounds very nice. has a nice warm full sound.