Night Of the Johnstown Flood

Bruce Springsteen wrote:
Me and Frankie laughin' and drinkin'
Nothing feels better than blood on blood
Takin' turns dancin' with Maria
As the band played "Night of the Johnstown Flood"
Is there a song call "Night of the Johnstown Flood"? I Googled the title but I got references back to the Springsteen song or the actual flood. Looked it up on AMG and came up with a single recording of a song call "Johnstown Flood". Can anybody tell me if it's a real song or did Bruce just invent it? If it's real, can you direct me towards a recorded version.

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Here's his web page link. I did not find it..
Well, the song is "Highway Patrolman" from the album "Nebraska", but that's not what he's looking for, I think.
I'm sure there really is a song called "Night of the Johnstown Flood", but I don't know it...
Here's a link for the sheet music of 3 songs about the Johnstown Flood
are you sure he said johnstown? usually i can't understand him cause he sings through his nose. it took the whole born in the usa song just to get those three words across.
I believe that the line is, " And the band played while at night the johns in town flood."
You're joking, right?
Fatparrot, thanks for the link.

Viridian, very interesting!
Imagine being like Dpm2340 open minded regarding equipment and close minded regarding music.
Springsteen is an American treasure and massively important in the history of songwriting.
Other link with some discussion which might be useful