Nick Lowe

Am seeing him in concert this evening, am listening to his last 3 discs this weekend, and am eager to hear them live. Well recorded great music, in case you are looking for new music.
One of my favorites from way back to now. Have a great time!
The Labour of Lust re master is as good as it gets sound wise.
Also check out Little Village - a group with Nick, John Hiatt, Jim Keltner and Ry Cooder. A nice combo of excellent musicians.

Little Village
Little Village is the coolest "super group nobody's heard of" EVER. Great album.
He's on my list of artists to catch back up with when I get a chance. "Labour of Lust" is always a good listen. Live should be fun!
+1 on Litle Village. Was fortunate to have scored the vinyl version. Great sound and greater music!

Agreed on Little Village as best "Stealth Supergroup" (except for maybe Rockpile). Nick's in both.

Marty in the late 60's early 70's a friend got a "Love Sculpture" album. Period appropriate blazing over the top blues/rock guitar, and later I find out that was the young Dave Edmonds.
Dig my Mood ,is my favorite