Nick Cave - Nocturama

Excellent. The faster, harder stuff leaves me, but the rest is just awesome.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Good album-Cave has matured in recent years without losing his spark-I like the harder stuff too.
Agreed ! Like the bonus DVD video with the CD as well. Also, he was just on Letterman. But I didn't notice Blixa Bargeld with them (unless he had a vastly different look to him).


PS - my 4 1/2 year old loves The Ship Song !
Yeah, he's damn good. Played "Stagger Lee" for some friends this weekend....!!
Kind of a "one trick pony" these days...I would also agree...the more aggressive tunes are really out of place...which gives the LP very little cohesion...not a great album(get the first 2)...not horrible...just kinda there...
Murder balleds is one of my fav CD's.

O'Malleys bar sounds great on a good system.
which i no longer have. heheh

...with an ashtray as big as a really ****** big brick...
Chams... Blixa is no longer with them.
Thanks, Cpdunn99. I knew Einsturzende Neubauten was working on some studio stuff (I am a "contributor"), so I figured he was out at least for a while. Do you know if he's gone for good ?

BTW - "Headcleaner" and "Inerimsliebenden" (sp?) from EN are also way cool on a good system.

Im rather suprised to see that people on the 'gon listen to Einsturzende Neubauten....

Some of the stranger end of industrial.

anybody listen to the likes of The Legendary Pink Dots or Teargarden?
Chams... sorry to have taken some time to respond... away for the holidays.

Yes, it is my understanding that Blixa is gone for good. I don't know anymore than that, but will ask a friend who knows the band.
I like the slower stuff when listening seriously so Boatman's Call plays well all the way through. Just bought Nocturama & agree w /Phasecorr... (which 1st two?)

Are other Einsturzende Neubauten titles recorded well? Chams_uk, you mean on vinyl or CD.
Seen them live over 15 yrs ago, great show.

Hi, Anton,

I think they are recorded OK, not superb. The newer pieces (the above songs are from 'Tabula Rasa') tend to sound better then the earlier.

I'm jealous you got to see them. I was out of town when they came to my area - twice ! Arrrrrgh....

I only have their material on CD, so that's my sphere of reference. I had an acquaintance who owned a couple things on vinyl (I think I remember seeing Halber Mensch out once), but I never got to hear them.

On a related note, though: I had a 12" single of Fad Gadget doing "Collapsing New People" with EN as a backup - GREAT version of the song, and very good recording !

Thks, I will look into that EN cd. Having a hard time acquiring music now that I took my system out of storage last month. Find myself compromising musical content with fidelity, not a good thing as it gets expensive. Any tips appreciated!

Fad gadget sounds familiar, will look into them too.