Nice used tube amp under $1000 used

I have a Manley pre with a Mccormack DNA-1. Thinking about adding a tube amp, but do not want to break the bank. I would like to spend under a $1000 dollars used for a well built, great sounding amp. I would like the more liquid, warmer sound of a traditional tube amp with sweet mid-range. I have a Rel sub, so hope to augment the base if needed. All comments greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
assuming your speakers are tube friendly, look at Cary models. Rock solid build and quality. I believe there is a Rocket 88 for sale right now. I have the 88R, great amp.
Kind of a hard question to answer w/o knowing the the manufacturer & model, or at least efficency & impedence curve, of your speakers.

Also would help to know what type of music you listen to, how large your listening room, and how loud you like to listen.
I have owned VTL Compact 100s and Deluxe 120s, both were reliable and produced great sound. They are not known as having a particularly "tubey" sound, but should make an excellent pairing with your pre amp. I think I have see used 100s in your price range.

Good luck!
What speakers?
OK. Tyler Acoustic speakers, Super Towers. Called Ty and he said the impedance is 8 ohms and dosen't dip below 6.5, rated sensitivity is 92db. I enjoy rock and jazz. Room is approx. 13 wide, 10 long with 8 foot ceilings. I like to listen fairly loud at times but if I want to really crank them up I can use the Mccormack amp.
In that case I stick by my Cary recommendation. Rogue might be another one. you may try contacting him again to ask for recommendations.
In the under $1k range, you will likely have to go with older, classic, amps to get quality and dependability. But, there are a lot great older amps.

Cary definitely lays the midrange on thick and velvety. There's a 35wpc SLA-70 Sig for sale at $750

There's a pair of Quicksilver mini monos(25 wpc) at $635 right now. You can use a variety of output tubes - EL34, KT90, KT88, KT77, KT66, 6550 or 6L6 - to cater the sound to your liking. Quicksilver makes fantastic amps at affordable prices. (Quicksilver spec page). Here's also another pair for $750 w/ latest output transformers

Classic Dynaco mkIV monoblocks(40 wpc) could also be a good choice. These are basically the monoblock version of the famous ST-70. There's an upgraded pair for $800
Thanks for the info. Jerry
I would suggest the Tube Audio Design TAD-60
Great sound for less money (one used here for $650 listed)
I use it to drive my Revel M20 - sweet sound with lot of bass.
Happy hunting
the mccormick dna1 is awfully good. in all honesty, i can't think of anything in the 1k used range that wuld be a step up. 2k maybe..but then only a bit.
Those Quicksilvers would be a very good choice IMHO, more than enough power for most music with those speakers.
Dynaco ST70. Lovely warm EL34 sound. Many I notice sell restored versions of this. With the right intelligent upgrades these rock. Combined with say a Rogers Cadet III or any of the fine low powered USA tube amps and an active cross over you could have an active system to die for around the limit or 100 more of your budget if you are patient and hunt around for the right stuff at the right price. Pioneer SF 500's go cheap for an active crossover. Just a left field suggestion
I second the Dyna Stereo 70, especially with the Infinity inspired mods.