Nice retro looking amp from Sweden 🇸🇪

Beautiful looking amp from Sweden, 2x50watts.
Swedish magazine said it was like a Lavardin/LFD with the speed of Naim !
Hand built in Sweden.

I saw that too and immediately fell for the look. It brought back that itch I thought I no longer had.

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Pass the Sarna lotion, please.
Nice amp. What's the price in US dollars?
$3100-$4100 approx in Sweden, depends on what configuration you choose, bare or with mm/mc or dac, or all the options, think it is a good price, but would not be surprised if the price goes up if they get popular, as they are hand made.
I am too digging the appearance and its priced ‘right’.  At 50 wpc, one would need fairly efficient (>92db) speakers.  
Yeah, that the only problem for me, my speakers are 87db in 8ohm, sent them a question if there would be a more powerful amp in future, but no reply yet.
wow gorgeous looking, I love the retro look, I so miss the wood cases of yester year. 
Wow - that is a nice looking piece of kit.  Hope they spent as much time on designing the inside, as they did the outside. 
More than $3k for 50wpc and no tone controls.
No thanks.
If you scroll down to the reviews there’s one that was translated and it shows the internal layout:
They say it has that Class A sound with the speed and drive of a Naim and that they hate to give it back.

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I like the look and the description. I am a Swede and have read about it but it is new and there are not many reviews yet. It is also outside my current budget but I hope it sells well and spreds to other countries. 
I was informed that there will be a more powerful version coming later, but later unfortunately means two-tree years! I am really excited by this amp, only wished it had headphones out also. 
If you like this basic retro look, the best looking integrated amplifier of all time is the JBL SA660 hands down. Had one (purchased in 1970 with the walnut side panels), sold it years later, miss it still!
Hands down disagree ;-) to my eyes the Moonriver looks much more stylish in a reserved way.
I've owned a Moonriver 404 for almost one year now. I think I was one of the first in the USA to buy one. I took a chance on it because of its understated and retro handsome looks. Also, the few reviews I read about its sound quality seemed very promising. I'm glad I took that chance. This is hands down the best integrated amplifier that I've heard in its price range. When it arrived I compared it to three other amps I owned. The Naim Atom, Sugden A21 Signature and LFD LE IV. All were driving Harbeth P3ESR's. Before the Moonriver arrived the LFD was the reigning champ. I never thought anything near its price would ever beat its sound quality, especially with it matching up so well with my Harbeths. Well, the Moonriver clearly won out. It makes the LFD seem boring by comparison. The 404 has clarity but without brightness. It has musicality. It is fast and rhythmic like the Naim. Sure, some might prefer the LFD's more laid back approach. It does have smoothness. But after listening to the 404 for months it's almost impossible for me to go back to the other amps. They almost seem broken in comparison. The Moonriver is just more exciting and more involving. I simply enjoy listening to music more through it. One last note. I bought it with the MM phono stage installed. I won't tell you that it's better than a $1000+ phono preamp. However, I will say it is the best built in phono stage I've yet heard in an integrated amplifier. I hope in this mini review I didn't come across as an advertisement for this amplifier. I get nothing for saying positive things for it. I am just truly excited about it and I want others to try and listen to the 404 if they can. I can't imagine people not liking it. In my many years as an audiophile I think it is truly a special amp and one I would feel comfortable recommending.