Nice Price Books store in Raleigh NC

Hi I ordered Fela Kuti box set 3 at Nice Price Books store. The very first record Shakara was warped. After explaining problem, they decided to swap my box. In addition to that I will have a possibility to inspect all of the records on both box sets and pick up the perfect ones. The sound quality and mastering quality on all of the records is superb and matching the quality of original ones that are near-impossible to get.

P.S. useful tip in storing vinyl box sets: I like box sets in general, but sometimes it's pain to get the record out of it therefore I keep records outside the box set in white generic sleeves with marker-written notes so I don't have to open and shuffle records inside the box set thus damaging the box. The empty box is usually stored separately and if it's so cool as Fela Kuti one it's exposed as poster on the shelf.
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Nice Price book store as I sell records from compeating store Record Krate Raleigh NC. Figure out the fact of useful information if it comes to vinyl shopping...
I've purchased from them several times in the past and the quality has been excellent as well as the customer service.