Nice music sale

At is having a pretty good music sale right now.
have you used them before ? 

saw a lot of albums at good prices.
Yes. I’ve used them for years. I’ve been impressed for the last few years with the quality of shipping. I say this because this has greatly improved over the last several years. I have no problem ordering from them.

You should register with them. Their best deals are during Labor Day. At least that’s been my experience.

This is the only site I've ever seen MFSL titles discounted far below the usual.
thanks for the info and will be ordering some vinyl from them.

trying to create an account now......
Great! I think I have around $300 in my cart so far.
Wow they have nice collections at good prices.

I spent 190$ for  60 CDs.

I may not need to go shopping for music for at least 6 months.

Thanks a lot for valuable information.
They have stuff I really never knew was available. I continue to be amazed.

I shut down when my order went to $350. I’ve been watching for hours.
Great info Slaw!
Never used them before but looks very good.
Will be adding items to my cart!

So much for "radio silence"?
Thanks for the info slaw!
I went back there again to buy 30 more CDs on 120$.

One of my favorite CD was there on sale at 5$.

I paid 12$ for that 3 months ago.

Track 8 is an excellent one to test dynamics, soundstage and atmosphere.

Radio silence was just a handy euphemism for "no vinyl"! Lol.
Still streaming music via my phone.
In New Mexico...In the hotel.