Nice MM Phone Preamp to use while main unit is getting repaired?

Looking for a nice (used) mm phono preamp to use for a while with my Decca London Super Gold. My Herron VTPH is going off to get upgraded. Hoping to find something that's nice sounding and easy to turn around in resale. I'd like to keep it to $500.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
When my phonostage had to be shipped off to be repaired, I picked up the $129.00 Schiit Mani.

The performance for the money was fine. Obviously no tube magic, but convincing enough to enjoy records.

I know how great the Herron is, I demoed one in my system to hear if it was worth selling my existing unit. I passed, but the Herron would be on my list if I were starting over.

Upgraded Herron? It's already an amazing piece. Can't imagine what can be better?
Oh, the humanity! You had a Herron, in a few weeks you're gonna have an even better Herron, which means it cannot possibly matter what you use in the meantime. When my 911 is in the shop do I care what other car I drive? There's two kinds of cars: 911s, and cars that aren't 911s. Duh. 

Okay so now we settled that one. Go on CraigsList, find whatever is available locally, pick it up, take some pictures, hook it up. Just take the pictures first. You'll want em to sell it fast the minute Keith says he's done.

@dhcod, the Mani is an excellent suggestion, for a couple of reasons. First, it's $129! No need to sell it, just keep it as a back up. More importantly, the Mani has a setting specifically for the 5mV output Deccas and Londons: 30dB of gain. By the way, George Counnas provides a 15k ohms mm cartridge impedance loading position on his Zesto Andros phono amp specifically for Decca/Londons. The Andros also has 200pf of capacitance on the mm input, good for D/L's.

I also use a Herron with my Londons, so let me ask you, is yours a VTPH-1mm, or a VTPH-2 getting upgraded to a 2a? Keith told me most of the difference between the -1 and -2 was in the moving coil section of the -2. If yours is a -2, may I ask what he said about the change to the -2a from the -2? Thanks---Eric.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the Mani if the guy I made an offer on an ASR Mini Basis won't accept. Can't do without music for the 3 weeks the unit will be gone.

Not sure what the update is. Maybe someone here can help? I discuseed with Keith my situation and he recommended it and it wasn't the first time someone had suggested it. I'm going to slowly update all my Herron gear as funds allow.