Nice Entry Level Streamer for $79 - Wiim Mini Streamer

The subject of budget/entry level streamer comes up often. There are new offerings showing up on the market regularly. Here's one that might help people get started with digital music streaming without investing much money. I own this streamer, as well as others, and speak from experience.

The Wiim Mini Streamer is currently on sale for $79 from a well know internet vendor (do a simple Google Search on Wiim Mini). It is a tiny little unit that will fit in nearly any conceivable location. Simple hook it up, download the app, and be streaming in minutes. It works like a champ for me and is WAY less finicky that the Raspberry Pi based streamers I also use. However, it doesn't sound as good using it's internal DAC. But if you already have a compatible DAC, you can have decent sound for almost no money and get a taste of streaming audio.

This is not the be-all, end-all stream for ultimate sound quality. However, if you are on the fence about trying streaming, jump on this inexpensive streamer and give it a shot. It is super simple to use and won't break the bank.

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I'll second the recommendation of the Wiim Mini as a way to get started in high-resolution streaming. The optical output bypasses the internal DAC of the Wiim, allowing you to use your choice of a higher quality DAC. 

I bought 3 of these to feed my non-dedicated listening systems (shop, office, living room). They’re great, and connect as Roon endpoints automatically.

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