nice box for tube storage -- where can I find one?

My Nagra PL-L, which I recently sold, came with a nice box for storing extra tubes. It was sort of like a microphone case, with padded inserts for standard size 12ax7 etc. tubes.

Is there anyone who sells anythng like this?
The Tube Depot has what you want ,they call them Tube cubes,at the bottom of their website home page.
You can do a search for vintage tube cases as carried by salesmen and repair technicians. Here's one on eBay with no handle. There's an identical case in mint shape currently here on Agon but doesn't have the same dividers. No interest in either sale.
Plenty of Pelican Cases on Ebay
Your local cigar shop, or maybe find another one of these;[url][/url]
If you have an available drawer, buy a thick piece of foam to line the bottom of it. Cut evenly spaced slits in the foam which will securely hold your tubes. An added benefit is that they will be easily accessible, and you save damage to the cardboard boxes that they came in; specially important with NOS tubes with the original, usually fragile boxes.
I use Plano tackle boxes with the clear plastic. Makes them easy to see and keeps them protected.