NHT3.3 to Viena Acoustic Mahlers

Any one owned or heard both of these speakers? I'am considering the Mahlers and am wondering if this would be a move up or not? Audition notan option where I live.
Mystang, what kind of sound are you seeking? What is the rest of your system? What music do you listen to? What are the size and characteristics of your listening room??
My system is all Bat -VK40 Pre -VKD5SE player- V/200 amp.I listen to all types of music . My room is 18x 32. Looking for Tighter faster lows deeper sound stage presented at mid hall presentation, My sound stage is not as high as I would like. My wife would like a wood finish instead of the sati black of my NHT3.3
Mystang, I heard the NHT 3.3 a few years ago and the Mahlers last fall. Both speakers have very low bass. I recall the Mahler's bass being more controlled and tuneful than the NHT, but the venue was different and music was not the same. Your room should be large enough for either. The Mahlers have a switch too boost bass response if the standard setting were insufficient to yield the bass pressure you require. Mahlers like to be driven very squarely. When I heard the Mahlers, they were being driven by the new Rowland 312 amp. The combination was to die for! They were being featured in the Soundings Hi-Fi room at the Denver Audiofest last fall. The combo was so good that I had to go back 4 times for long spells. By the end of the show Mark Krekeler of Soundings must have thought I was part of the room furnishings.
I would definitely consider the Mahlers an improvement. I've heard both, and IMHO, the Mahlers are much more musical. I've had an all BAT system driving a pair of VA Strauss, though only the VK-D5SE cd player that you mention. I believe I had the VK-50SE, VK-500 and the VK-P5 at the time as well.

If you like the BAT sound, I think you would prefer the Mahler's too.
I owned 3.3s for a few years. They do a lot of great audiophile things(soundstage, imaging,et.al)but their tweeters become very tiring.
Thanks all for your input. Loki1957 at one time I had a Nak. Pa5 amp and that did make the tweeters very hard but the Bat solved that . Jmcgrogan2 I do love the Bat gear.
having fallen in love with Vienna Acoustic Mahlers at RMAF 2006, I have ordered a pair this last Summer, and received them in early November 2007. I have now started a thread to chronicle their break in and discuss various Mahler related matters. See you all at: