Nht2.5I and B&K amp a good match?

I have a set of nht 2.5I's that am running with a B&K Components Reference ST 125.2 Series 2 Power A Amplifier with Kimber cable 8 TC Speaker cable.Is this a good match?
Tell me what you think good, bad, or other wise.
That sounds nice to me. NHT (especially the older stuff) has a reputation for being full bodied and maybe a tad hot in the treble. B&K is known to be a touch warm so I bet they mate well. The 2.5 is closely related to 3.3 which is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Can't recall ever reading anything but positive accolades for B&K in general.

How do you like it?
I think its a great match,in time I am going to bi amp the 2,5's with a pair of sa 2 mono amps