NHT x2 x-2 crossover x-over

How good is this crossover?
I don't want to degrade the sound I am getting now, but I can't afford the nelson pass xvr1 which supposedly is the best but that costs $5000.
Or should I go for the marchand or bryston, but I do need balanced i/o?
I don't want to go with a digital processor as I have heard for analog it is destructive of that vinyl magic.
Also there is mark levinson lnc and audio research ec21. Rives also makes something with an amplifier. Then there is ashley 3.24cl, an old threshold active crossover, hsu makes one, and aci too.
Are there any others?
Or should I make one in a passive circuit.
My concern is that at this point I have most of what I am looking for in my system, but the balanced cables I was using before brought out even more from my system. I don't want to change subs but am thinking I may have to because of the lack of balanced i/o. But then if i go for the Jl audio sub I still need an external crossover.
Is a digital crossover possible?
You don't really need an external crossover, you may, or may not need an hi-pass filter though....depending on your speakers.

I would get the sub, and decide the hi-pass filter issue after a trial run. The hi-pass filter issue, should you decide you need one (or just want one), is not a huge, or expensive issue to solve.