NHT-X2 Crossover

Would the PARADIGM X-20(or x-30)SUBWOOFER CONTROL UNIT,or the M&K MPS-LFE-1 Bass Management Unit work the same way.Where you can run them between the preamp and amp,freeing up an output?
The X-30 and M&K LFE-4 are active line level crossovers intended to be placed between a preamp and amp. I'm not sure what you mean by "freeing up an output."
My M&k's are taking my second output right now.1 left and 1 right.I was hoping by adding 1 of these I could add my second amp and speakers.Put the x-30 or LFE between my preamp and second amp.Would that inturn crossover my smaller speakers?I was thinking this is what you meant with the NHT X-2.
I guess I'm asking if the Paradigm and M&K would work instead of the NHT.I see many more of the Paradigm's and M&K's for sale used.
Hi Ralph,

I did some looking and found some info on the LFE-1. It stated it is probably equivalent to the current BMC Mini (which I use in my office system). If so, then it will handle two subs. Note that it's a multichannel crossover, but that's no big deal - only use left and right channels.

I can no longer find the manuals for the Paradigm subwoofer control units since the Paradigm web site has changed. So, I don't know if the X-20 will handle two subs.

I don't think you'd have any problems with the M&K BMC, other than service if needed since they are gone.
Would you explain exactly what configuration you hope to come up with? I'm not following the "second amd and speakers".

Typically, you wire a BMC as such: preamp out (left and right) go to BMC in (left and right); BMC sub out(s) go to sub(s) and BMC out (left and right) go to amp in (left and right).
I only have 2 sets of preouts on my preamp.I have 2 amps 2 sets of speakers and 2 subs.Subs are M&K's with only inputs.
I don't think the Paradigm X-20 does hi-pass....the X-30 does (50/80/120hz). The X-30 has two sub outputs (mono)....phase control only effects the right sub output (if that matters).

Are you trying to connect both sets of speakers at the same time?
yes.1 pair to 1 amp 1 pair to the other amp.only 2 sets of preouts leaves me no room for sub.Unless I can go from the preamp through the crossover to the amp.Then I could run the subs through the crossover and my small speakers from my amp.Leaving me 1 set of outputs for my main speakers and amp.
Yes, that's what the Paradigm X-30 or the M&K LFE-1 will let you do.


So you'll have the same music playing through 2 different pairs of speakers at the same time.
I ended up getting a X-20 yesterday.(guy told me it would work 2 subs)Should come tomorrow.And I got the LFE-1 today.Total investment is like 130 or so.I'll try them both,but most likely stay with the m&k.Prolly put the other in my wifes system.Then everyones happy.Judgeing by pics,the M&K is alot better looking unit.