NHT SuperOnes

Anybody has good/bad experience with these bookshelf speakers? I plan to get these as my rear/surround. Are they bright? musical? warm? Thanks in advance!
they are dark sounding and have okay mid bass, but no real bass. They should fair well for ambient surrounds especially if you can get them for around 200 used.
Check out reviews on audioreview.com. They are very favorible and a solid 4+ out of 5 stars. I am very satisfied in using these as A/V speakers. They are a lot better than I thought they would be. Superb value and readily available on used market place.
I have a pair in my home theatre, in this they are fine, but for listening to music i find them to have a very condensed sound with minimal separation between insterments
I've used them for my home theater rear speakers and they were excellent. I recently switched from home theater to stereo and have them for sale. They're the SuperOne XU (with removable wall bracket) I also have nice telescoping stands for them.
I use these as rears myself and have to say for $300.0 you won't get much better. I wouldn't use them as fronts for home theater or two channel music, but as surrounds they are more than adequate. I drive them with a Sony ES 777 at 120 watts per channel and they hold up just fine.