NHT ST4 with Adcom Amplification?


I am considering purchasing a pair of NHT St4 towers for use with an Adcom GFA 5400 poweramp and GTP 502 pre. My source is a cheap sony cd player hooked up to an M-Audio superDac 2496. My cables are Van Den Hul D102 MKIII interconnects and Ixos gamma speaker cable.

At present I have B&W DM601 speakers but want a bit more gusto and Naturality. The only electrnic upgrad I am considering is a cd player probably a Sony SACD player or a Universal player in the $200 - $500 price range (used if possible)

There is a good deal on the NHT ST4 here on Audiogon and I was just wondering if it could be considered a match for my system and if I should go for them.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Duane Lewis

The NHT ST4's will give you a noticeably different sound than the B&W's. I always found the B&W 600 series a little dry sounding, with a tendency to emphasize the treble end of the spectrum. The NHT's are going to sound warmer and somewhat more musical. I have also found NHT's (as well as NHT designed speakers, like the Acoustic Research 303 classic series from the mid-90's) to partner well with Adcom equipment. I have not owned the same model numbers as you, but I owned the Adcom 545/500II combination for 13 years and currently own the AR 302's for the last 4 years and the NHT SB2's for the last year ... so I am pretty familiar and satisfied with the "house" sound, so to speak.

The NHT ST4's have side firing woofers , so you should be getting a lot more "gusto" with these speakers. They were reviewed in The Absolute Sound . As your add to your system, keep in mind a used SONY SCD 333ES or 555ES SACD changer. They both do a great job with SACD's and are pretty respectable with redbook CD's.

Good luck.

Regards, Rich
Thanks for the response Rich.

I am currently pursuing the ST4's and hope to get them shippied to me soon. This would be my single biggest audio purchase if I get them! and I hope I do!!