NHT ST4,is this a warmer sounding speaker?

Hello fellow Audiogoners!
Anyone who has any experience with this pair, is this a warm sounding speakers. I do not like it bright at all.
Help, I have a great deal on this! Cant try it out so!
I don't think the new NHT's are as warm as the older Supertwo's which the ST4 replaced. NHT switched to a metal dome tweeter that makes for a brighter sound. I have compared the Superzeroes, Superones and Supertwo's to the newer SB-1s. All the speakers in the "Super" series used the same soft dome tweeter and I am assuming that all the speakers in the "SB" series use the same metal dome tweeter. If I am wrong about this, someone please correct me. I am not a fan of bright speakers either so my recommendation is that if you like NHT, go with a pair of Supertwos over the ST4. Good luck.

I am using a pair of the SB3s in a small listening room and I don't find them overly bright at all. I have soom experience with NHT 2.5s and felt they were exceptionally bright. I also owned a pair of the Super Ones for a while and found them lacking. I purchased the SB3s kind of accidentally and am satisfied because I prefer a warm speaker. Haven't heard the ST4s but would expect them to sound similar to SB3s with additional bass extension. I use a pair of Paradigm Studio 60s in the living room so I like full bass sound -- the SB3s fit the bill.