NHT ST-4. Great deal and sounds funny Help GURUS

Hi there fellow audiogoners!
Yes its me Rapogee with confusion.
I am used to Jeff Rowland, Audio Physic, Sonus Faber, Meridian and.........that kind of gear!
Unfortunately I am downgrading now :( Encountered a great deal for NHT ST-4 (NEW and a real real deal for it) I know its not the stuff I am used to but any opinions on this. I auditioned it and something did not seem right, the guy said its not broken in.
My electronics is fine : All Classe gear! Anyone with any opinions on the new NHT ST-4 Floor stander. Thank you GURUS!

I auditioned NHT at my local dealer as was not that impressed...did a/b with the st-4 and the Spendor 3/5...no comparison...the NHT had that "cotton in the ears" sound...granted deeper bass....but I would opt for accuracy and transparency myself...
Yeah, my friendly long-time dealer is NOT impressed with the newer NHT he now has to sell, and quickly points folks over to the JMLabs Chorus/Cobalt and baby Spendors for true musicality. I guess the Super One was their last good cheapie. To my ears the Spendor S3/1p 6.5" 2-way is the best pair of monitors under $1200 net.
My vote for best monitors under $1200 is Quad 12Ls...with truly stable "out of box" 3-d imaging...and a soundstage that really is astonishing regardless of speaker size...the sound is very open, bold, fast, and clean....
Thanks guys and keep it comming!
I thought it was kind a brightish and up my face detail!
I will give a thumbs up to the JM Labs sugg. I have the Cobalt 826s (lower end of JM...Electras are great, Utopias are insane!)

I love them, and I am only using a receiver (trying to change that now)

I owned the ST-4 for a short while. I'd say they are very neutral and detailed balanced a little heavy on the low end. I guess a bit layed back overall. I compared them to the similarly priced B&Ws (604s I think) and liked them better. I think the B&Ws were bright and a little annoying. It's all in what you like I guess. I have a bright room and was concerned with that.

I also found set-up to be pretty tough, hard to place. Anyway, lots of amazing speakers out there, have fun. One company I've been made aware of lately is carolina audio. Supposed to be fantastic stuff. www.carolinaaudio.com.

Enjoy, best of luck!