I just acquired an NHT PVC Pro being used between my DAC and power amp; wondering what you recommend: short cables from DAC to PVC and long cables from PVC to power amp or vice versa? I have a half meter pair and a three meter pair of cables. Or does it really matter, since all balanced cables? Thanks in advance. BTW it sounds incredible (thanks for the recommendation Bob)
It does not matter - at least not audibly unless you have an equipment problem. However, I'd get short cables unless you need long ones - shorter always has less capacitance which is ultimately an easier load and therefore better (unless you have pro DAC with high output capability in which case it probably won't care as it may designed to drive 12 meter cables or more)
I have a NHT PVC PRO and run 25ft cables from my preamp to the NHT PVC PRO, then a short cable (18"?) to my amp. Scott Endler of stepped attenuator fame suggests to place his attenuators as close to the amp as possible which is why I went with this approach. I concur that the NHT PVC PRO does a fine job.. too bad they're out of production now.
Nathanso, very cool! I have since reconfigured my system and am now running 1 meter xlrs to and from the PVC. Yeah, it is too bad; NHT produces some fine products. Glad I was able to acquire one of the last ones. Just keeps sounding better too!
Looks like they are back again: