NHT power 2 / Rotel rmb1085/ Outlaw M 2200

In term of SQ, which one will best suit my NHT M5s and U2 subs set up? I prefer the Rotel RMB 1085 digital multichannel amp BUT it is only 100 Rotel watt and all in one box. The Outlaw M 2200 is 200 watt mono-block. NHT Power 2 is 200 watt class D. My NHT M5s is 86db @ 6 ohm. Processor is the vintage Parasound AVC 2500U. Please voice your opinions. Rotel will cost me $1199.00 and the Outlaw audio will run about $1,450.00 for 5 mono-blocks while the NHT power2 will be a bit higher at $2,100.00. Would 100 watt Rotel be enough to driver the NHT M5s ?
How about a Sherbourn 5/1500 A? I am using one now for my HT setup with NHT Classic 3 front, Classic 2 surr, Classic 12 sub and Jamo center and it drives them great. You can get 5 monoblocks and 1.2 kw in capacitance at 200 wpc into 8 ohms; 300 wpc into 4, so you would get about 250 into 6 ohms. It sounds great and drives my NHTs to nice loud clear levels. I bought one used for 775 on videogon. It really zings the sound around the room! The Rotel would not give enough current. I wouldn't buy the NHT since they just went private again and dumped their electronics line (probably for a reason).