NHT help

I have a pair of NHT 2.5I's that I want to bi amp using 2 sa-2 amps for the woofers and b&K amp for the tops.I want to run this into my Yamaha RX-V2400.First time doing this and I wanna get it right,I have read the manuals and just dont get what I need to do.How many interconnects will I need also for this?Any help would be greatly appreciated.If someone could send me a diagram even better
the pre-out from the yamaha will need to be split using a y adapter. From there it is pretty straightforward. Just remember to pull the binding post jumpers on the speskers themselves or you could be in big trouble!
If I am runnin a sepreate subwoofer on this system is bi-amping going to result in any benifit for my 2.5's?
How is the sub set up? Do you have it crossed over with the speakers?
Right now I just have the sub connected to the the sub pre out on the yamaha and the line in jacks on the amp.I have the sub set to 0 phase and have the low pass filter at 35hz.I havent really had a chance to mess with the sub yet I just got it.
I dont know if biamping will do much for you. You will have to be the judge. With the low pass set at 35hz you are essentially running the speakers full range.

I do think that you need to be careful about level matching. There is a lot going on now.
I agree with Robr45 - with the low pass set at 35 hz you aren't accomplishing much. I would try 80 or 100 hz.

Did you try emailing NHT's customer service? They have been very helpful for me.

I was doin a bunch of reading last night and I need to go in and change some of my settings.The only time I use the sw-3 is for movies,when I listen to music I use a direct stereo mode that just plays the fronts.I did contact nht and they did respond,just trying to get everyone idea's here.
should I use 1 sa-3 or 2 sa-2's?
here is the options i have or should I say the amps i have to work with:2 sa-2 amps,I also I have a extra sa-3 amp in the box that I would have to have repaired and a sw2pi.
1.use the 2 SA-2's bi-amp the 2.5 and be done with it(if its worth it)
2.Use a single sa-3 and by amp the 2.5;s and be done with it.
3.leave the speakers alone and sell the 2 sa-2,the sa-3 and the sw2pi and be done with it.
Really need some advice here