NHT Classic Three vs. GMA Europa vs. Epos M12

Yup... I've got another roundup.

I would like to compare these strictly regarding sound attributes... no aesthetics weighed in at all.

tough roundup I guess...?

I think everyone is hoping that you will just go ahead and buy something.....anything.....


When you're at the "Audiogon Forum" page, perhaps you might want to type in the name of the various speakers you're interested in, in the "Search Archieves" column. I think you'll find "answers" to many of the "questions" you have about these various speakers, as these speakers you have mentioned have been discussed quite throughly in various other posts.
Ah, ok, I see. Fair play I suppose.

I do search the archives quite extensively and fail to find certain direct comparisons... thus the posting.

Anywho, unlike most here I actually don't have alot of money to burn, so this would be a considerable investment for me. I just want to really research well before springing on anything.

Thanks anyways for all the advice you guys have given me up to this point... much appreciated.
as far as i remember, the M12 has a much faster/ better midrange. Vocals can be stunning.

NHT classic 3 - I have only heard them twice, but they seem to be 'darker' sounding, heavier bass (perhaps less accurate than the M12). Highs may seem rolled off by comparison to the M12, but i've not listened to them side by side, so the jury is still out on that one.

M12 has excellent PRaT. NHT less so.

The two have much different 'flavours', no question