NHT Classic Ten or HSU VTF-1 or STF-2?

I'm trying to make a decision on a subwoofer for a modest HT system. The room is 18 by 13 and 7 feet tall in a carpeted basement. I already have 7 NHT superzeros that I am planning on using for all the speakers. I'm wondering what to do for a sub. It looks like I can get an NHT Ten and the HSU STF-2 for about the same price and the VTF-1 for about $100 more. There is also the Klipsch RSW-10d for a closeout for about the same as the VTF-1 Any advice?

Also, I'm looking at the modest Onkyo receivers for the system either the SR606 or the SR506. How much difference would the 606 make for this system? There is about $150 difference in the price.

Thanks for any help.
If you live in Southern California, the HSU is a no-brainer.
If you go to the 'factory store' you will end up with 10% off for cash and NO shipping charges. Even at todays inflated gasoline price, that makes it a reasonable deal.
Unless all you have or can borrow for wheels is a Motorcycle, this is easy.
My VTF2mkIII easily fills a large room of 3x your volume with very good bass....musical and good for HT as well.

I think you swapped prices on the VTF1 / VTF2?

Thanks for the info. I think the prices are correct on the two HSU models. That's that main question I have about the two is the difference in the sound and if there is enough difference to justify the price difference. I'm also interested to know if anyone has compared the sound of either of these HSU subs with the NHT classic Ten.
Right you are! I read 'STF' as 'VTF'.
I like the VTF2 since the internal x-over goes down to below 40hz, some others don't go that low and it has Stereo RCA's, so it was easy to go from the pre-outs of my integrated.

Any place will loan you the NHT for a couple days or weekend?

You need a trial listen. I personally like the HSU, but what do I know? They are fairly local.....<80 miles, well reviewed and the good Doctor answers some of his own mails.
I found them very friendly and helped me load my borrowed car.
So far, I have zero complaints.

If I were building an HT system, and had a budget of 1000$ for a sub, I'd be tempted to get a PAIR of them instead a single more expensive unit.