NHT 3.3's vs KEF Reference 203 ?

Could anyone comment on whether NHT 3.3's would be a step up, down or over from my KEF Reference 203.1's (the older variety with supertweeter on top)

I've tried Martin Logans, Meridian, JBL, B&W and more and so far haven't found an option worth replacing my KEFs. Though to be fair to the B&W's they are Nautilus 805 bookshelves which aren't full towers.
3.3 was a great design with average drivers, a step-down from KEF unless sheer volume is your goal.
You have to go a long way to better 203.1's on acoustic music.
Thanks Shubert, that puts it in perspective. The 'no holds barred' design of the 3.3's has been intriguing to me, while not having Wife Acceptance Factor of other options, they went for the best performing design they could.

I've struggled to find options to top the KEFs in my system which honestly shocked me. Perhaps some 205's or 207's :)

I knew the 203.1's were great speakers but didn't appreciate how good they were until after I bought them. Thank goodness I did.
3.3 has decent tone and imagining and will play loud but is limited in dynamics which limits it to a rock speaker IMHO.
I'm a 3.3 owner for 20 yrs now and its bested everything else I've had to play with, including BW 802, MartinLogan ReQuest, Alon V, BG Radia, many others. I do listen to rock for which they have few equals IMO, but also a lot of choral and classical, which are both heavenly. You learn to live with the bulk and cosmetics, it's worth it!
Everyone hears differently. I owned a pair and found them OK,
no more.
At this very moment I'm listening to a Totem 1 small bookshelf
which I find far more musical than the 3.3 .