NHT 2.9s - what amp is for me w/small/med budget?


I have a pair of NHT 2.9s that sound great when connected to a good amp. Recently I borrowed a Pass Aleph 30 from a friend and they sound very good with that amp, but could possibly use more power.

Any ideas on what might be a good match for these speakers?

Thanks - Jay
Correct budgets are relative - I would like to see if I can find an amp for under 2K. Then I would still need to get a pre-amp. But I do like the idea of biamping. I think these speakers would benefit from that. They seem to be power hungry. Thanks.
Haven't heard the Rotel RB-991, but will look into that. Power sounds plenty for the NHTs. Thanks.
I have the 2.5i's and have found that a quality 50 watt integrated bested a 140 watt bi-amp configuration. Audition an Audio Refinement Complete if you get the chance. A little Creek or Music Hall may also work well. At low volumes an inexpensive tube amp from Jolida sounds wonderful. If you have a little bigger budget try a YBA integrated.

If you want to bi-amp you need no special active crossover or anything. All of that is built into the crossover of the speaker.

Good luck!
I have a set of the 2.5's also. Audio Refinement Complete, Little Creek & Music Hall, I'm not familiar with but will look into. I've hear of the Jolida's - but they might be stregthing the budget a little far. Thanks.