NHT 2.9s - what amp is for me w/small/med budget?


I have a pair of NHT 2.9s that sound great when connected to a good amp. Recently I borrowed a Pass Aleph 30 from a friend and they sound very good with that amp, but could possibly use more power.

Any ideas on what might be a good match for these speakers?

Thanks - Jay
Sounds like you just have to find a bigger Pass amp that you can afford. Aleph monos would be ideal.
I really recommend biamping these speakers using the NHT SA3 bass amp for the bass (it has a volume pot so it is easily integrated with another amp) and then a sweeter amp like the Pass Aleph 30 for the mids and highs... Using the SA3 gives you a lot more opportunity to play with lower powered amps.
The SA3 is no longer in production, but can be found here or on eBay (you could also use a pair of SA2 instead; these are more common).
Good luck
Budgets are relative. Can you give us a dollar amount?
Get a Rotel RB-991 or the newer RB-1080. Each has 200 watts per side. These will drive them quite well and they are alot of amp for the dollar.
Thanks - I like the idea of biamping. hmm, i'll look into the SA3, which I'm not familiar with. I guess though with the biamping you need to get some sort of control for the bass and treble. I'll have to investigate how that is best done.
Correct budgets are relative - I would like to see if I can find an amp for under 2K. Then I would still need to get a pre-amp. But I do like the idea of biamping. I think these speakers would benefit from that. They seem to be power hungry. Thanks.
Haven't heard the Rotel RB-991, but will look into that. Power sounds plenty for the NHTs. Thanks.
I have the 2.5i's and have found that a quality 50 watt integrated bested a 140 watt bi-amp configuration. Audition an Audio Refinement Complete if you get the chance. A little Creek or Music Hall may also work well. At low volumes an inexpensive tube amp from Jolida sounds wonderful. If you have a little bigger budget try a YBA integrated.

If you want to bi-amp you need no special active crossover or anything. All of that is built into the crossover of the speaker.

Good luck!
Affording bigger Pass amps is not easy. But they sure do sound good. :-)
I have a set of the 2.5's also. Audio Refinement Complete, Little Creek & Music Hall, I'm not familiar with but will look into. I've hear of the Jolida's - but they might be stregthing the budget a little far. Thanks.
i used to own a pair of 2.9's years ago. they were on the bright side so i matched them with the macintosh ma-6500 integrated amp with the sa-3 sub amp. nice combination for a small medium room. i would only use the sa-3 amp if you have a small room so you can adjust the bass seperately. since the 2.9 need a lot of power to get them to sound their best, this doesn't work in a small room. in a small room, you can adjust the bass so you cn hear it even if you have a low volume on your preamp. if you don't want to biamp the speakers, look for the classe cap-151, macintosh ma-6900, or a used dk design mk II. any 1 of these will have the power to control the lower octaves. IMO, i would not use a 50 watt integrated with these speakers (unless you biamp with 150 watt monoblocks for the woofers), not enough power. the ma-6500 with 100 watts was not enough and i had a small room.
good luck
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I owned NHT 2.9 speakers for several years and had good success driving them with a Classe 70 so I know you don't need enormous power. Try to find a Plinius integrated. I bet you can cover your needs for under $1200. No need to mess with bi-amping or even a separate preamp.
I have the 2.9's and use a Bryston 4BST and it sounds great.