NHT 2.5i vs NHT Classic 4

Which is a better NHT speaker? I've seen both for sale here and some are good buys-wondering how they compare to each other?
I've experienced these 2 speakers as well as the Classic 3. The classic series, at least to me, sounds airy and smoother than the earlier NHTs. In comparison, the 2.5i sounds tinny and harsh on the treble. But, for the price of a used pair of 2.5i, they are an outstanding value.
The classics are an outright all around outstanding speaker, especially what the 3 can do as far as bass is concerned. Not bad for a bookshelf. And a used pair is fairly priced.
Good luck!
2.5i does not sound tinny or harsh on treble to my experience. Most likely, it was revealing the weaknesses presented up stream. 2.5i is more revealing than people think in my case.
I tend to agree with Jorgeparrapuppy. I had a pair of 2.5i's for a few years in the late 90's and it wasn't the upstream components that were the issue unless you consider McIntosh MC-60's and ARC D-115 amplifiers with ARC SP-8 and CAT preamps poor matches. The upper midrange and treble on this speaker always had an edginess and shouty quality that I just couldn't tame. The bass was just superb and the speaker exibited very good detail however. Not a bad speaker particularly at the price but certainly not a great one either, at least for my taste.
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