NHT 2.5i, Cal Icon mk II, Yamaha

Currently using NHT 2.5i speakers with a Cal icon mk II, DH Labs cables, a RX-V595 Dolby Digital receiver. Continuous power is rated at 70wats x 5. Also running NHT Audio Center 1. Looking for ideas to "smooth" out the sound for music. The cal is a bit smoother than the SOny 7700 I was using. Any Ideas? Since I want to spend under 1K more I'm considering changing speakers to maybe paradigm for their flatter sound. Thanks
Your solution is to get rid of the Yamaha amp and get something that actually sounds good. Maybe a Nakamchi AV10 or even better.
An audioprism cd blacklight for $40. will take a litle edge of of highs as well as slightly tighten bass.A Vans Evers Power line conditioner improves sound overall and has a switch that controls treble,and of course protects your gear as well.And then there are tuning blocks also for $40. that will bring all of the skeptics out of the woodwork , but they work!