NHT 2.5i, Cal Icon mk II, Yamaha

Currently using NHT 2.5i speakers with a Cal icon mk II, DH Labs cables, a RX-V595 Dolby Digital receiver. Continuous power is rated at 70wats x 5. Also running NHT Audio Center 1. Looking for ideas to "smooth" out the sound for music. The cal is a bit smoother than the SOny 7700 I was using. Any Ideas? Since I want to spend under 1K more I'm considering changing speakers to maybe paradigm for their flatter sound. Thanks

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An audioprism cd blacklight for $40. will take a litle edge of of highs as well as slightly tighten bass.A Vans Evers Power line conditioner improves sound overall and has a switch that controls treble,and of course protects your gear as well.And then there are tuning blocks also for $40. that will bring all of the skeptics out of the woodwork , but they work!