NHT 1.5 or Paradigm Studio 40v2?

My listening room is not large (approximately 18'x18'). I'm listening at present to Pinnacle Classic Gold Mini Monitors, which are good speakers to be sure, but...I'm looking to upgrade to either NHT 1.5 or Paradigm Studio 40v2,for sale at $250.00 and $450.00 respectively. I once owned the 1.5. I remember them as being excellent speakers indeed, very clear and revealing. I've also owned Paradigm Studio 20's and 60's. My recollection is that the Paradigms were a bit superior to the 1.5, with better bass. But, that was years ago, and memories fade. To shorten things, the amp is a Hafler 9300; the prepro/dac an Angstrom 100; the Cd players Adcom GCD-700 and Rotel RCD-950. Substantial bass is provided by a venerable Velodyne 1215IIx sub. Listening tastes are Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, Boston, Collective Soul, etc. Thanks.