Next upgrade on Usher & Primaluna rig??

I'm contemplating my next upgrades. Would love your thoughts and ideas. Here is my setup:

Lossless Files (using apple lossless but have Flac, Wav & Aiff duplicates)
Apple TV > unknown decent quality optical cable to...
Rega Dac > low end Monster RCA cable to
Primaluna Dialogue One > bi wire, 4 ohm connected to low frequency, 8ohm connected to high frequency. Low end speaker cables, unmatching >
Usher Be-718 speakers
VTI Metal stands

This is my approximate score of each sound characteristic that comes to mind (less emphasis on actual score, but rather how each relates to each other):

Sweet midrange - 90%
Soundstage - 65%
Detail - 75%
Controlled, tight bass - 60%
Realism - 80%
Dynamics - 80%

Here are the upgrades I have in mind:

-Mac Mini (replace ATV. I often have cuts in my wifi connection making it quite irritating, plus the added benefit of sound improvements)
-Usher rws-708 speaker stands (tighten bass)
-Acoustic treatment (I'd rather wait on this due to possibility of moving)
-Upgrade speaker cables (2 matching pairs)
-upgrade interconnects
with the primaluna get apair of Ref 3A de capos i used them with a Primaluna PL2 and loved it popular combo

great midrange detail 8.25 in driver biwirable no crossover
I suspect at this point for significant change you either need higher efficiency more tube amp friendly speakers or throw more power and current at the Ushers. Rogue Sphynx hybrid integrated might be worth a try for that.
I have heard Prima Luna and Usher gear sound excellent in more than one rig, so you may want to work with them for a while.

Yes, focus on cabling; power cords, digital link, interconnects and speaker cables - all can be very rewarding if you take your time and try several brands. The influence of a set of cords upon a rig is equal to a component change, and will absolutely have an affect upon the parameters you wish to change in your system.

I wouldn't dream of setting up a rig without keen attention paid to the cabling. :)

CAn you recommend a specific package of tweaks along the lines you identify to address the OPS issues?

THat would help take the guesswork out of that approach at this point as opposed to focusing on optimal amp.speaker matching, which to me is a much easier thing to assess to get to a good place first before then perhaps trying various wire and similar tweaks.

Tweaks are tweaks. THey can make a significant difference but only up to a point. Plus it is much harder to assess exactly what to expect up front when making a change. A lot of experimentation may be needed to get it just right.

Better to address the bigger fundamental issues first and tweak from there in my mind.

OPS move to biwiring off high and low target impedance outputs on amp was a step in the right direction in regards to a better amp/speaker mating, but more may still well be possible there. Moderate power tube amp integrated + Usher might sound quite nice, but I suspect a much better mating is possible still to get things to a much higher level.
Thanks guys. I really like the sound and look of the ushers. What are some options to replace the primaluna? Although changing my amp is not something I'm thrilled about at this point, but am willing to consider if it is a good looking amp.

What about a dspeaker equalizer to correct any of the room accoustics and "get the most" of the combo?
If the issue is mainly room acoustics at this point, then equalization of some sort is certainly a viable option. Audyssey is one solution that others whose opinion I trust have leveraged with great success.