Next Upgrade for all Linn System

I currently have an all Linn system; Wakonda, Mimik, LK100, Keilidhs w/bases, LP12 w/Ittok & Klyde, Creek tuner. I'm using Linn interconnect and K400 speaker cables. In a second connected to thre record out of the Wakonda also with Linn interconnect cable I have a pair of Kans on Kan Stands connected to a Naim Nait. I'm looking to improve the main system and also add sound to the other rooms in my home. (Finally, I have a lower end surround system - Yamaha Surround Receiver, Sony DVD, Boston Acoustics Surround Speakers/Sub - that one day hope to upgrade to Linn quality products.) I was thinking for the main system to go Active, upgrade to a Karin (heard the phono section is far better than the Wakonda???), do the Cirkus upgrade for the LP12, and lastly audition one of the new Linn CD players (Ikemi or Genki) or maybe get a used Karin/Numerik. I've also considered getting a Linn tuner. I was planning on holding onto some or all components to use as part of a Knekt multi-room system . . . Please advise.
For a CD I'd buy a used Numerik/Karik combo. Since the new CD's have come out their prices have fallen considerabley (meaning you can get a *great* deal). I really liked the sound of the N/K combo too -- class "A". Their tuner (forgot the name, whatever is top of the line) is superb and easily worth the price. Very, very nice sound with lots of detail and bass. I had a Kairn and Mimik and wasn't overly impressed with either, especially the Mimik. The Kairn wasn't bad and was nicely user-friendly but wasn't extremely transparent in my opinion. I can't tell you whether the Kairn will be a vast improvement over the Wakonda. As far as going active, I'd say if you have the cash go for it. It's a very amazing transformation and, although an expensive route, probably worth the cash. Especially if you are upgrading the preamp and source. The LK100 isn't that good of an amp, however. Tri-amping with these probably won't get you as good of a sound as just putting your money into a better amp. For your case I would probably suggest putting off the other components and getting the new Klimax amps (if you can afford their steep cost). That one change alone will probably transform your system entirely. You can pick up the other items used as you go. If this is way over budget perhaps think of moving up to their Klout. You can get them for about 2g's a piece used. Either way upgrading is fun, eh? Much luck, Shawn Harvey [email protected]
Linn Karik II, even alone would be great upgrade and i believe with the Numerik probably the Best sound per $$
If you are serious about analog get an EKOS.. I know big big bucks but it will make your tunes sound supreme. Also make sure you have the CIRKUS Table. Happy Listening EKOS EKOS EKOS :-)