Next upgrade

Hello to the Board,
 I have the itch for my next upgrade.  Currently have a Hegle 160, Rega P6 with exact 2, Musical Surrounding Phenomenon all powering Dynaudio 260 speakers.

Would like some more "openess" to the system, which is currently in a 12 x 30 room with 10 foot ceilings.

Budget is "reasonable"  

If you where to upgrade one component, what would it be?

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If your Phono pre accepts MC how about an MC cart? Also, are you certain you have everything dialed in (speaker placement, VTA, etc?) I’ve made big gains in sound by really spending time on set-up.

also, would be helpful if you list cables.
Thanks ...will be doing lots of working this weekend!!!!
Have you addressed any room issues? Yesterday, I installed some foam panels to neutralize side wall reflections. Sounds like I have a new system -focus and detail improved dramatically.
+1 dweller,

Have you experimented with acoustic treatments? A must!

what others have said, you need to dampen first order reflection points, and consider diffusers on the front or back wall.  Also bring your speakers out into the room more if they are close to the back wall.   Placement is the most overlooked item, then acoustics, and finally borrow a great power conditioner and power cables. Make sure your speakers have their spikes on them (if hard floors put metal cups or coins under the spikes).   What cables are you running?
Do not upgrade components until you've exhausted the many options of room acoustic treatments.

The absolute best advice anyone could give you. For, when you've finally achieved great sound with your existing components, you'll get even better sound with further components.
Hello Peter,
    Don't you love our curse? No matter how good my system sounds I'm always careful to never let my wonderful (and indulgent) wife know that I'm completely satisfied. Terrible, I know.
    I had an Exact cart which was my first 'good' cartridge and it was an 'aha' moment because I finally understood what all the fuss was about regarding vinyl. Then I moved on to a Clearaudio Maestro v.2 and it was a great upgrade. After another year or so my curiosity about the MC mystique compelled me to upgrade again. I considered many options, some costing over $3k, but I settled on the somewhat overlooked Rega 
Apheta v.2. Nice thing about a Rega cart is that it can be installed with a greater level of confidence with its three point mounting. I LOVE this cart. It's very detailed, energetic, dynamic and just plain fun.
    Also keep an eye out for an ultrasonic record cleaner like the AudioDesk Systeme. If you find a good used one you may find it as much of an upgrade as a new cartridge. 

Don't go for an Audio Desk US cleaner! I'm an owner, and can wholly recommend Ruston's approach, the DIY solution. It blows away the AD by a long shot and you'll save $k!
With all due respect, slaw, I'm sure Ruston's DIY approach is amazing but the AudioDesk, at least MY Audiodesk RCM, cleans so well that there isn't enough dirt left in the grooves for anything to blow it away by "a long shot." 
Do what you will. I have both. You don't.

I disagree by a "long shot".